How long is the tour?

The tour is approximately 2 hours long. We do not have intermissions.

Who are the tour guides?

Our team consists of capable brothers and sisters who are in full-time service. WPT guides are carefully chosen and thoroughly trained to participate in this program.

How is WPT able to offer Bible tours of the MET at no additional cost?

The Museum has a mandatory admission fee for all registered groups. WPT is able to conduct tours at no additional cost. This is possible thanks to the volunteer spirit of our team. Both, our team of guides as well as our administration contribute their time and energies without financial compensation. See reservations for Museum pricing.

How should I dress for the tour?

A MET tour is not a congregation arrangement. Therefore feel free to dress in modest, casual attire. We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Your reservation is considered a commitment with both WPT and the Museum. As a kindness, please do not make a reservation unless you are able to meet such a commitment. If it is absolutely necessary to cancel your reservation you may do so by contacting your tour guide immediately.

Is tipping the tour guide required?

No. However it is strongly encouraged. In the spirit of love and appreciation for your guide’s time, effort and travel expenses we recommend you set aside a specific amount. Most individuals taking the tour generally tip their guide.