When Did WPT Get Started?

This subject comes up more and more as the interest in our program grows at a natural pace. To begin with, WPT would never take credit for the understanding found in our publications. Our researchers and historians give credit to the faithful slave.

As wise King Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun.”. It is conceivable that as early as the founding of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1870, early Bible Students were visiting the Ancient Near East and Egyptian galleries.

Touring the wonderful MET Museum from a Biblical perspective is not a new concept. In fact, you may be interested to know that one of our senior contributors made frequent visits to the MET in the 70′s taking groups of local JW youths on Bible tours. Though he never made it a formal arrangement, his desire to share these museum treasures became our inspiration.

Just before this brother’s death, WPT began taking local congregation groups on a private basis in the summer of 1998.

We have purposefully managed all our bookings modestly in order to allow the WPT Administration and Guides to focus on the more important things…like meeting attendance and door to door field service.

Special greetings to the Pernick family….


Why WPT Guides Enjoy Giving Bible Tours at the Met

Here are just a few reasons…

1. The team consists of mature brothers and sisters in full time service
2. The amount of tours each guide gives is based on his or her availability.
3. WPT guides know the WPT Administration does not make a profit from their work.
4. All tours are free to the JW Public.
5. The actual tour content involves all seven World Powers of Bible history.
6. WPT guides view giving tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a unique way to share Bible related treasures with their friends.

Lastly..our work as guides does not substitute our most important commission to preach the good news.

Thank you for volunteering for WPT.


American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bible Tour

As most of you already know, “The March of the 7 World Powers” at the MET highlights various aspects of the American Wing. Most of the artwork we cover on this tour is being transported by the MET to the 3rd floor for viewing in January of 2012. Until then, our WPT guides will continue to show you the remaining available artwork related to Bible prophecy and the 7th World Power. Enjoy!