How is WPT successful in not overcrowding the MET?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Biblical Tours with WPT.
Our success in not overcrowding the MET can be attributed to many factors but here are just a few…
1. WPT guides are carefully trained to respect the space of others.
2. The Administration follows the direction of the MET and is appreciative of their support.
3. We purposely book modestly so that ALL can enjoy the Museum.

As always we are grateful to the MET staff for their continued support.


WPT Administration


Some have asked if they could be put on a ‘waiting list’. WPT does not have a ‘waiting list’. Just book with us directly. This is thanks to our web savvy friends who have generously developed an app that allows the JW public to view our available dates via our website.

Our commitment with our brothers is plain and simple….. “We won’t book you… if we don’t have availability”.

Your brother,